Once Upon A Time, A Monster Put His Life Into A Parrot..

Once upon a time, there lived a monster. He put his life into a parrot. The monster was invincible unless you knew the key, his life was in the parrot. Then you needn’t kill the monster, you only had to kill the parrot. As the parrot was killed, the monster died.’


This story is significant because we all put our lives, pride, honor and shame into something else.

What struck me the most in Satyamev Jayate’s episode ‘When Masculinity Harms Men’, was activist Ms.Kamla Bhasin’s statement- http://youtu.be/vuo4wbREE4U?t=51m51s.

“My honor does not lie in my vagina.”



  • “Our dog defines our status in the society.” Hence, we won’t adopt a street dog.
  • “Our family’s honor lies in our children’s career choices.” Hence, the fear of failure that children often face.
  • “Our family’s honor lies in our gender identities.” Hence, the opposition to LGBT rights.
  • “Our caste is what makes us superior to others.” Hence, we wont accept an inter caste marriage.
  • “My pride lies in looking ‘normal’.” Hence, I wont see a psychotherapist.
  • “My pride lies in looking good.” Hence, I cannot be myself around people.

Spear_3304 (1)

It also extends to,

  • “Yes, I want to look pretty. My confidence lies in looking fair. Yes, I will buy this cream for a clean, fair & spotless skin.
  • “Yes, I want to be rich & powerful. This scheme promises me that. I will go for it.”
  • “Yes, I want to look healthy. Advertisements say this food supplement will make me look muscular. I will buy this.”
  • “I always want to be right. If someone is disproving my argument, I will say things that will make him look bad.”

Check out George Carlin’s stand up comedy on Pride – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OnWnwwxNPA

The root of any system is the concept of honor, pride & shame that it revolves around. Its time we redefined ours.



  1. What a way to connect that story to Rutu.. Fantastic !! 🙂 Very nicely written. And “proud of my humility”.. Very important point.
    Though I think it’s okay if somebody’s pride/honor lies in how healthy/rich/powerful he is, if whatever he has achieved is achieved in a just and honest manner.
    Although I personally would not be exactly “proud” of being rich or powerful (I might be happy about it). But that is because I have got some other traits that I value and I my pride lies in there. But it is a very personal choice. What do you think ? 🙂
    And, I totally disagree with “Pride never helps”. Many times, my pride keeps me going, because I have to achieve that thing.. for me to be proud of myself, for me to live up to my own expectations. It gives one that self-confidence, will power. What’s your take on that ?

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  2. Very well written Rutu. I could connect to each statement that you have made. To develop an unbiased vision to see the world is an unending process however conditioning our sensibilities to do that and take conscious efforts for the same is of vital importance.
    As you mentioned correctly, “The things we feel make us proud” and if these are the only measures of our lives, then are we really doing justice with the beautiful gift that we all human beings have got “The Life” which is full of different colours and each colour is beautiful in its own way. The moment we start comparing them, everything ends right there.
    “Being unbiased” is an opportunity to explore life in an amazing way.
    Thanks Rutu for igniting this thought in our minds!

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  3. Rutu, very well written! I could relate to your school of thoughts readily as the same irony haunted my mind since ever. We try to find moments of pride in surreal things and assume that we are so content.
    If these surreal achievements (???) are measures of being proud then we need to think that are we really justifying the beautiful gift that we all human beings have got- “The Life” which is full of so many colours and each one is beautiful in its own way. The real beauty of life lies in celebrating each colour accepting its own identity and uniqueness, the moment you start comparing them, everything ends right there.
    Thanks Rutu for igniting this thought in our minds!

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