The Bank That (S)Cares!

I have been a loyal customer to ‘Bank of India’ since the past 16 years. BOI, as I fondly call it, has been a philosophical Guru, ‘a guiding star (pathadarshak sitara)’ to me, it has taught me to question and not get answers; for there are no real answers in life, it has taught me that life is an exploration not a destination. It is not merely a bank, it is a school of thought that helps you accept and be at peace. Over the years, we have developed a relationship that has ‘gone beyond banking’.

boi 2Here’s the story of my dear dormant account.

Me : I am here to activate my dormant account.

BOI : This is Sahakar Nagar Branch, your account is in Koregaon Park Branch. Please visit KP branch to reactivate.

Me : Aren’t all the branches in Pune interconnected? I would like to know if you will be able to help me with this issue.

BOI : With ATM’s & Internet banking, customers avoid interacting with the staff (sarcastic tone). Madam, why don’t you visit KP Branch?

Me : (What’s with the sarcasm about ATM’s & Internet banking? Doesn’t it reduce their work?)

cartoon 3

Google maps helped me locate BOI, Koregaon Park Branch.


Me : I would like to activate my dormant account at Koregaon Park Branch.

BOI : Sorry Madam, though this branch is in Koregaon Park, its not Koregaon Park branch. This is Meeranagar Branch. Please visit Koregaon Park Branch.

Me : (BOI is in it, but not a part of it. Oh, such insightful manifestation.)

Back to google maps.

bank 2

What is the mystery behind this ‘closed’ branch? Is my account dormant because the branch has closed? Why didn’t anyone mention that to me?

Exactly at 4:00 pm, I could finally locate the branch, only to see the shutter being pulled down by the security guard.

BOI security guard : Madam, aap kal aiye, Bank 4 baje band hoti hai!

Yes, right! Why didn’t I think of this before? Its indeed a ‘closed’ branch.

cartoon 1

I am still struggling with my BOI ATM card, which expired 4 months back and still haven’t received a new one. I feel jealous when friends tell me, their bank delivered their new ATM card before the original one expired. Wow, lucky you! But I have to trust my spiritual teacher, each day liberates me from the karmic cycle of expectation & disappointment.

boi letter

My heart fills with gratitude. I see the Light.



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